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I’m sitting in the office and it’s around 7pm on the night of the 24th, when I get a call from our Media Designer, Matt Orenshaw. He says Doug, have you ever watched Attack Of The Show on G4TV? I say, not recently but I’ve seen it before, why? He says, well guess what, we’re being featured on it right now! You’re shit’n me right? Nope, I swear to you, it’s gonna be on in like 5 minutes.

Needless to say I flew home, grabbed the wife and kids, jumped in front of the TV and was absolutely blown away by the amazing job the AOTS crew did. They nailed almost every critical aspect of the service (Ok, so they forgot multiple format encoding… ;-) but seriously, the production value and presentation was first rate.

By PodcastPeople Crew 07/27/2011 02:31 PM

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