PodcastPeople User Interface: The Dashboard

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My name is Matt, and I’m the Web Strategist here at PodcastPeople which simply means I’m responsible for making some of the tough design decisions and making sure we’re doing everything we can to keep you, our users, happy. When we designed the administration panel for show owners, we had a lot to consider. We researched applications like Wordpress, Movable Type, LiveJournal, Vox, and some of our competitors like Libsyn and Podshow. What we discovered was that users think their blog management system is either too complicated or overly simplistic. We needed to strike a balance between ease of use and customizability. The first thing we focused on was creating a page layout that gave the user functionality without getting in the way but also helped new users along. So we created the dashboard.


The Dashboard is the first page you see when you login to your PodcastPeople show. The page colors are intentionally muted so you can spend a lot of time working in our application without straining your eyes. We chose to include prominent tabbed navigation as well as quick links to create an episode or blog post and an easy way to look at your show’s recent comments, episodes, and statistics. In the right column we display a progress indicator to show how close you are to your monthly storage limit as well as an instructional area for new users. At the top right of the page we include links to Logout, visit our Help resources, or even see what your site looks like to the public. We’re constantly working to improve and clarify our admin design so we’d love to hear your feedback. If you’d like to see something new, leave us a comment and we’ll put it under consideration for our next update.

Happy Podcasting!

By Matthew Bischoff 08/05/2007 08:04 AM

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