Will Uniformed Bloggers Survive?

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ReadWrite Web published an article yesterday about the failure of podcasting as an industry. The article by Alex Iskold points out that podcasting is the evolution of radio but continues to state that podcasting as a trend is stagnating while online video is growing at a rapid rate. This is the article’s fatal flaw. Podcasting is not an audio only phenomenon, and podcasting itself is not the evolution of radio, it’s the revolution of online distribution, utilizing RSS to distribute any type of content whether it be audio, video, documents, or applications.

So while this article looks to be a well thought out examination of our industry, it is nothing more than another desultory attempt to associate podcasting with audio while in the same breath pointing to the success of online video or IPTV, a notion that makes video podcasters cringe. Many of the article’s later points are therefore null and void because they apply strictly to User Generated audio podcasts, a small subset of all of the RSS 2.0 enclosure feeds on the web today. Alex does echo the point of monetization quite clearly, and I agree with him wholeheartedly. Monetizing podcasts and downloadable content on the web is a challenge we face, but one that many companies and organizations are working to solve. The solution is education. Educating the media, advertisers, podcasters, and even commercial broadcast outlets is the main concern for podcasting in 2008, because without an educated public podcasting will continue to be conceived as a HAM radio experiment from Adam Curry and not the innovation in media creation that it is.

Podcasting is and will continue to be the most user-friendly method of content distribution because it’s time and place shifted by nature, something that consumers have demanded for decades. Furthermore, due to Apple’s out of the box podcast support products like the iPhone and Apple TV will continue to allow audiences around the world to enjoy high quality content from web publishers in a variety of ways. While audio may be falling out of fashion, video has brought new life to Podcasting and it isn’t going away anytime soon.

By Matthew Bischoff 08/29/2007 07:05 AM

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