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Simple Sermon Podcasting

We record three sermons and post them as an audio podcast a week. It’s draining! So if there is any chance for efficiency, I’m all about it! That being said, I think I may have found that solution.

Posted 10/20/2012 01:30 PM

Podcasting an essential tool for comics to attract new fans and sell tickets!

By: Nelson Wyatt, The Canadian Press

27/07/2011 7:21 PM

MONTREAL – It used to be that the surest way for a comedian to surge to fame was to play clubs and and appear on TV. Now if they’re serious about making money being funny, they’d better have a podcast.

Posted 07/29/2011 01:43 PM


Hello everyone and welcome to the PodcastPeople Blog & Podcast.

Posted 07/23/2007 02:50 PM